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Awaken Within soap

It’s fantastic!

Excellent soap

Best soap ever had! I do allergy to color add and have psoriasis…Those soap are natural and give me a pretty skin!

We love the products and so do our AB&B guests,


I love this product & will always keep in stock! It's superior in quality to any others on the market & a much better price!! Win, Win!! Lots of lovely scents! But none of them bother me & I have intolerances to many scents!

Natural Shampoo <br> Serene Dream Bulk Sizes

Love this hand lotion so very much!!!!!

This lime and bergamot naturally scented hand. Lotion is amazing! I have trouble finding it, so I ordered it online!


This is a great product at great price! Cheapest on the market for this level of quality ingredients! I prefer it to Dr Bronner's! Nice variety of pleasurable scents to choose from! I use it straight up for washing dishes, diluted by 1/2 for foaming hand soap dispensers. Love it!

So good!

Bought this for all our laundry, mopping, all purpose cleaners. I love it and the smell is spot on. Supporting a Canadian business is just the cherry on top. My only suggestion would be to maybe make a mix and match pack of 4 (4L) jugs opposed to being stuck with only one scent. I only purchased one and would have purchased the 4 pack if it had that option.

I love the scent of the lavender.

great natural products

i love all the scents and texture of the lotion especially. It soaks right in and moisturizes without feeling greasy. will purchase again!

Castile Soap review

Great quality of products and customer service. Order received quickly and accurately.

The best soap around

This is the best soap ever. It cleans well, smells great but natural and not perfume like, and leaves your skin soft. I highly recommend!

Items in the order will be distributed as gifts at Christmas, so I haven’t had any reviews yet. CB


I love these bars - they have none of the preservatives that make my scalp unhappy!! Lots of suds with just a few swipes of the bar onto your hair.
But keep your eyes closed!!!

Natural Shampoo Serene Dream 450ml
Nancy Roynon Merkosky
Natural Shampoo Serene Dream

I absolutely love this product and so does my husband! All the Island Essential products I have purchased repeatedly continue to surpass my expectations - love this company!

Fragrant Lather

I’m enjoying the fragrance and lather of the lemon grass bar soap. It remains fairly firm after use, not becoming overly soft.

Great products

Amazing products that are all natural.

A Naturual Partnership

The natural, unscented conditioner has complimented the corresponding shampoo, leaving my hair clean and soft. I recommend the lemon grass bar soap too.

Burning Scalp Eliminated

I had recently read a report that some shampoos have been found to have traces of benzene in them and that even in small amounts of benzene, over time, can cause burning and itchy scalp and skin ulcers. The report named the company which made my last shampoo and I had been quite frustrated by a burning and itchy scalp. I switched to a different shampoo but with the same result.
So I thought I’d try the Island Essentials Shampoo and I intentionally waited a couple weeks before giving this review to ensure my experience was stable and representative. Well, the burning scalp has now cleared up and I feel I need to give credit to the Island Essentials shampoo. Recently I also placed an order for the corresponding conditioner and some bars of lemon grass soap.

Thanks for all your ongoing efforts to produce products with very limited industrial chemical ingredients and for your most efficient delivery service.

James Thomson
Comox, B.C.

Natural Body Butter Chocolate Dream

Very good quality and smells nice. It’s extremely moisturizing but a little greasy and stays in the skin a long time. I use it after the bath at night. I wouldn’t use it after a morning shower before getting dressed for work as it will rub off on your clothes.

Our skin is our largest organ system
deserving pure, clean nourishment
ALl year round - this is ‘chocolate’ I’ll never give up!

Love my products got them within few days love the smell

Natural Lotion Unscented - fabulous product!

I love this product and have been using it for about five years now. Never had an issue or any reactions at all on my skin. It's a lifesaver!

Best Castille Soap in Town!

We use diluted castile soap in foaming soap dispensers - and it works wonderfully. We've tried a number of different brands, and this is the best! The fragrance and the foaminess are beautiful. And it's locally made, available in bulk sizes, and good value. Take it from us, search no more - this is the one to use!

Natural Shampoo Serene Dream

All the shampoos are lovely. My hair is so soft and shiny and easy to manage since I started using these products. For anyone who suffers from allergies these products are the way to go. I give every product I've tried 5 stars.


Refill Your Aromatherapy Room Spray

This natural aromatherapy room mist has been carefully formulated from natural but highly effective ingredients to enable you to refill your bottle, reducing the products footprint and saving you money!
Simple to refill

1. Purchase a 944 ml bottle of island essentials room mist unscented base.
2. Purchase a 15 ml or 30 ml bottle of island essentials essential oil blend.
3. Ensure bottle and trigger are cleaned thoroughly.
4. Add 236 ml of refill base (1/4 of 944 ml bottle).
5. Add up to the number if drops listed in the table below
6. Shake vigorously for 60 seconds.
ml of Unscented refillAdd up to drops / ml of essential oil
Awaken Within236ml (1/4 of 944ml bottle)76 to 115 drops
2.4ml to 3.6ml
Bergamot Bliss236ml (1/4 of 944ml bottle)76 to 115 drops
2.4ml to 3.6ml
Cardamom Cream236ml (1/4 of 944ml bottle)76 drops
forThave's chai236ml (1/4 of 944ml bottle)76 to 115 drops
2.4ml to 3.6ml
Jasmine's Kiss236ml (1/4 of 944ml bottle)76 drops
Serene Dream236ml (1/4 of 944ml bottle)76 to 115 drops
2.4ml to 3.6ml
Smudging Sage236ml (1/4 of 944ml bottle)76 to 115 drops
2.4ml to 3.6ml
West Coast236ml (1/4 of 944ml bottle)76 to 115 drops
2.4ml to 3.6ml
If you are blending Island Essentials essential oils other than in the table above work to the lower numbers (76 drops / 2.4ml)


Please note some essential oils (other than our specified blends) may not stay solubilized, depending on purity and other factors. In our tests all of our blends stayed solubilized.
Shake each time before use.



Switching to natural deodorant


Conventional deodorant and especially antiperspirants are known to block pores, in the case of antiperspirants aluminum is typically used to block the sweat ducts.
Initially when moving to a natural deodorant, you can find for the first few days that you seem to sweat more, this is due to the pores slowly unclogging from the commercial antiperspirants.


Once the detox period is completed you should find that your body adjusts and our natural deodorant keeps your underarm dry and fresh. The great news is that in our experience our natural deodorant works better the longer you use it.


Using the natural deodorant


Ensure that your under arm is clean and dry.
The deodorant applys best when warm, apply the stick to your under arm, allow to warm for a few seconds then apply a small amount with a single glide, repeat just once more if needed.
Applying too much will reduce effectiveness, and possibly result in staining on clothing. Trying to apply without warming can causing irritation due to the drag.

Reed Diffuser Usage

If scent needs increasing remember to flip the reeds, and swirl the liquid around.
Usage Option A:
  1. Pour 120ml of fractionated coconut/MCT into your container.
  2. Add 40 drops of your choice of essential oils (Check scent strength and increase as needed at this stage).
  3. Stir until the carrier oil and the essential oils are completely mixed.
  4. If you notice any separation, periodically swill around liquid.
  5. You can add 1 to 2 table spoons of everclear or vodka to increase diffusion.
  6. Flip reeds every few days to refresh scent.


Keep away from children, pets & OPEN FLAMES. When the scent drops, clean out and start again. Reeds can be used for around 6 months. Ensure surfaces are protected.

Usage Option B:
  1. Pour 50ml of Everclear grain alcohol into your container.
  2. Add in a minimum total of 30 drops of your choice of essential oils (Check scent strength and increase as needed at this stage).
  3. Stir until the alcohol and the essential oils are completely mixed.
  4. Add in 50ml of hot water (around 40°C).
  5. If you notice any separation, periodically swirl around liquid.
  6. Flip reeds every few days to refresh scent.


Keep away from children, pets & OPEN FLAMES. When the scent drops, clean out and start again. Reeds can be used for around 6 months. Ensure surfaces are protected.  Mixing additional essential oils after the water has been added can lead to separation. Ensure surfaces are protected.