Eco Packaging

A drive towards greener packaging

Manufacturers and consumers are becoming acutely aware of the challenge we face in dealing with the current single use plastic epidemic. Demand from consumers and product manufacturers is starting to motivate packaging suppliers to provide solutions, however for many smaller cosmetic manufacturers these solutions are in some respects still very difficult to access. Minimum order volumes are high and require significant investment.

Island Essentials as a small Canadian manufacturer is transitioning away from single use virgin plastics, however the solution of choice is product dependent. We have spent a lot of time and money, to ensure the choices we make are viable. It is with you, the customers, support that we are able to take the next step forward, continue to monitor innovations and drive packaging to be greener and more sustainable.


On each product page, we provide specific & clear information regarding the packaging used. Where we are still using virgin plastic a plan is in place to change this. Please be assured that we are dedicated to cleaner and greener options, with your continued support all of our packaging will switch over.

What We Have Achieved So Far...

100% Post-consumer plastic bottles

Our new bottles are made from 100% post consumer plastic. We believe that the cost of keeping plastic out of landfill is worth paying and that the consumer would prefer a more eco-friendly bottle.

The great news is that after use, the bottles can be recycled again!

Look for our 100% post consumer recycled plastic stickers.

Applies to products:

Castile soap 230ml – All scents

Castile soap 473ml – All scents

Castile soap 944ml – All scents

Shampoo 450ml – All scents

Conditioner 450ml – All scents

Aromatherapy Room Mist Unscented Refill 944ml

Soon to include: 

Lotions 450ml – All scents

Re-usable aluminum bottles

Our aromatherapy mist sprays are all packaged in re-usable aluminum bottles, with spray triggers. 

Completely recyclable, however we promote re-use rather than recycle by using our refill option.

Applies to products:

Aromatherapy Room Mists 230ml – All scents

Soap bar boxes from FSC card

Our soap & shampoo bars are now packaged in FSC certified sustainable cardboard boxes. Printed in BC with vegetable inks, they are both recyclable and readily bio-degradable.

Applies to products:

Bar Soap 97g – All scents

Facial Bar 97g – All scents

Shampoo Bar 97g – All scents

Glass jars with re-sealable lids

Our body butter is packaged in wide mouthed glass jars, re-usable in your home or recyclable the choice is yours!

Applies to products:

Whipped Body Butter – 95g

We Are Working Hard - In The Pipeline...

We are still working hard and have some exciting, new, and innovative eco-friendly packaging we are at various stages of testing. Here a sneak peek at the future.

Cardboard deodorant tubes ...
but not as you have ever seen before.

We have spent countless hours exploring various eco-options, from recycled plastic, to metal to cardboard and have until now not been happy with the options available … 

Until now. We can’t say too much as they are brand new to market but, it’s safe to say that we are excited!

Lotion tubes...

We are currently exploring options ranging from post-consumer recycled plastic through to plant based bio plastics from sugar cane.

 We are in the testing phase and look forward to getting more information on this in the near future!

Lip balm tubes...

We are currently exploring and testing options ranging from cardboard tubes, recycled post-consumer plastic & aluminum.

 Testing is the next phase and we look forward to getting more information on this in the near future.