Natural Shampoo

Gently cleansing, our shampoo will remove the grease from your hair without the use of sulphates or harsh chemicals. Hair and scalp nourishment comes from nutrient rich ingredients including; hemp seed oil, Chinese ginseng, nettle leaf extract, seaweed extract and botanical horsetail plant extract.

Natural Conditioner

Once cleansed our conditioner will help naturally restore vital oils and vitamins, leaving your hair looking health, shiny and supple. Our conditioner is packed with vitamins E & B5, and premium botanicals including; Moroccan argan oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, ginko biloba, Chinese ginseng.

Shampoo Bars

We are renowned for the quality of our bar soap, however our shampoo bar is some thing really special. 

A combination of coconut and castor oils used in just the right balance create enough suds to rival any shampoo, leaving your hair naturally cleansed. Meanwhile highly regarded Moroccan argan oil (packed with coQ10) & apricot kernel oil provide a nutrient rich conditioning balance.