Luxurious Cream

Our natural cream won’t sink into your skin as quickly as our lotions, with higher levels of organic fair trade shea butter and organic cocoa butter, you will find your skin feeling naturally protected without feeling oily, locking in moisture. Organic hemp seed oil provides essential nutrients with anti-aging properties, forming a powerful nutrient rich combination with virgin olive and sunflower oils.

Hand & Body Lotion

Our natural lotion won’t leave your hands feeling oily, and with a higher water content will quickly sink into your skin. Great for daily replenishment and to protect the skin, especially with the regular use of sanitizer and commercial soaps. Organic fair trade shea butter and organic cocoa butter will help to build a natural skin barrier locking in moisture. Premium sunflower oil provides essential antioxidants and nutrients.


When using a new cosmetic leave on product (natural or synthetic), it’s recommended to carry out a patch test first. Even mild natural ingredients can cause a reaction in a tiny percentage of people. Click the button below for more information on patch testing.